Kinkell Bridge


A huge variety of fly water split over two beats

The beat comprises 32 named pools, providing an exceptional variety of fly water but at certain heights of water, spinning is allowed.

The beat is split into the Upper and Lower sections, with 16 pools on each. These are fished by 8 rods on a rotational basis with 4 rods on each beat.

Teams will be split between the Upper and Lower beats and then swap over at lunchtime, allowing each rod an opportunity to fish any part of the fishings in one day.

Much of the beat has excellent vehicular access, preventing the need to walk large distances to gain access to the pools, so again, it is ideal for the elderly or the less active fisher.


2022 Availability


PDAA has 3 days a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 2 rods each day.



No availability


Two rods available online


No availability


Two rods available online


No availability


Two rods available online

Safety & General Advice

  1. Anglers must report to the Ghillie, Sandy McIntosh, at the Kinkell Bridge hut before 9am to be briefed on beat and pool allocation.
  2. Sandy's mobile number is 07542 096412.
  3. No worming
  4. The owners of Kinkell Bridge would like to promote the fishing to a wide audience and would appreciate it if photographs of fish caught could be sent to them (via the PDAA Secretary). Anglers should follow the TDSFB code in handling fish and in no way should the welfare of the fish be jeopardised. This is especially true in periods of low water and high temperatures. (See page 12 of members’ handbook for release guidelines).